Best CG logging solution for carrier grade NAT providers with the seamless, secure and high capacity logging features.

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How CG-Logger Works?

Kron Real Time Network Intelligence is an integral element of Kron’s ICT data products. Kron CG-Logger offers easy and efficient collection of data from distinct, distributed locations. Design architecture gives chance to deploy CG-Logger collectors where data is generated. CG-Logger transfers data in between collectors to central cabinet appliances in a compressed and secure way..

How CG-Logger Works?
CG-Logger Data Collector

Basically, data collectors are responsible of collecting/capturing incoming log traffic from NAT, Radius and EBM output (Event Based Monitoring Output) from PGW for correlating them with each other and transferring related data to cabinet system to store and forward mechanism.

CG-Logger Data Cabinet

Cabinet service is responsible to receive and store log output formats. The solution supports three different output formats and it will enable to store with time-based directory structure. Cabinet System stores the data in binary or ASCII format and also compress the output using the Snappy algorithm. As a result of the procedure, total ratio of compression for data output is around 93%.