Best CG logging solution for carrier grade NAT providers with the seamless, secure and high capacity logging features.

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Logging Oriented Product

For a logging system no need to spend millions on other databases designed for other purposes. No-SQL data store architecture supporting high volume of storage addressing capacity.

Logging Oriented Product
Extendable Architecture

A logging-oriented solution with carrier grade scalability - High performance capturing and correlation capacity, limitless extendable architecture. Millions of logs capacity in a single platform.

Zero data loss architecture

Mission-critical log capturing and saving without any data loss. Cg-logger distributed architecture enables to transmit logging packets from remotes site with a reliable protocol.

Distributed Architecture

Appliance based architecture gives chance to deploy CG-Logger collector appliances where data is generated from data center cores to distant offices. CG-Logger transfers data in between collectors to central cabinet appliances in a compressed and secure way.

High Level Efficiency

Storage area and disk efficiency with compression algorithms and buffering mechanisms supporting low cost storage (from low cost SATA disks to SAN systems).