Single Monitor Configuration Manager

Manage network device configurations centrally, trace historical configuration changes and compare versions easily with Single Monitor's Configuration Manager.

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Simplified Configuration Management

Single Monitor's Configuration Manager simplifies network configurations and saves your time with it's proficient infrastructure.

Simplified Configuration Management
Schedule and Back Up Network Device Configurations

Single Monitor Configuration Manager configuration backup feature reduces device downtime by letting you upload stable configuration files from the backup of the device. Once the devices in the network are discovered into Single Monitor, Config Manager will be able to communicate with the device and get their config files within defined intervals. With this feature, instead of manual backup process which is a hard task in huge networks for system admins, Single Monitor can backup config files periodically from all devices. This process can be triggered manually, in schedules or even Syslog based automated.

Configuration Change Management

In a network environment that contains hundreds of devices, it is hard to keep track of when or what changes has been done to a device. Single Monitor takes backups and logs every time a change is made in config files and enables you to view this data and keep track of these changes through configuration history. Also, single monitor can detect config change trends on the devices so to help you maintain a consisting network environment.

Configuration Standards and Compliancy Checks

Single Monitor’s Config Manager provides you an automated network configuration tool to obtain a standardized config and detect out-of-process changes or violations. It is possible to set and create alarm policies for detecting mismatched lines or texts on configuration files. Furthermore, creating rules and rule groups offer a user-friendly and easy manageable experience to system admins.

Network Configuration Automation

When a config change need in a network, admins find it to be physically time-consuming. Besides, it is possible to make errors during configuration change process. Therefore, central command automation is a key feature because it reduces human errors and saves administrators from doing replicate jobs. Single Monitor Network Configuration Manager provides a solution for this by automating command execution tasks using configuration script templates.