Cyber Security Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

Cyber Security Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

Jan 24, 2021 / Kron

The world is changing rapidly and technology is penetrating human life more deeply than ever before. Although technological developments have a big share in this, unanticipated events such as the pandemic also have an effect. Changes such as remote working, online education, 5G and digital currencies, which have become widespread within this period, increase digital security vulnerabilities and cause malicious people to try different methods. So, will similar cases exponentially increase in 2021? What are the possible cyber security problems and solutions? Here are the cyber security trends you need to know in order to safely exist in the digital world in 2021...

Deepfake Will Become a Serious Threat to Business Life

The word "deepfake" is used to define the type of media in which the images of the people in the camera images can be partially or completely changed through artificial neural networks. This way, the people in photos or videos can be replaced with others. And this creates a big risk, especially in today's conditions where meetings and many other interviews are held over the internet. With Deepfake, malicious people can take the place of any company manager and learn many confidential information about the company or swindle by imitating the identities of other employees. Therefore, deepfake is one of the most important cyber security vulnerabilities of 2021, particularly in the corporate area.

Ransomware Attacks Will Increase and Continue

Applications that allow cyber hackers to block personal or company information and charge hefty fees in return for not leaking this information are called ransomware. In 2020, ransomware attacks, which increased seven times comparing to the previous years, have turned into a large sector where millions of dollars are paid. Attacks made and the high amounts paid by companies or individuals in response to these attacks trigger malicious groups to find more powerful methods for more effective ransomware attacks. Therefore, it seems that ransomware attacks will continue to increase in 2021, just like in recent years.

Fileless Malware Will Continue to Rise in 2021

When it comes to "malware", the first thing that comes to mind is malicious files downloaded from different sources such as websites or e-mails, but there are also malicious software that do not contain any files. Increasing every year, fileless malware can infiltrate your devices by being added to the tools and processes of operating systems. Thus, it can obtain the information in computers, tablets and smartphones or use their features such as cameras and microphones. For this reason, fileless malware is among the cyber security threats that can affect anyone using technological devices, regardless of corporate or individual, in 2021.

With 5G, Spread of DDoS Attacks Will Accelerate

Being among the most discussed technological developments with the Covid-19 outbreak, G5 is among the technologies that companies frequently benefit from, including Internet of Things and cloud-based services. 5G provides a much faster internet connection while enabling new services to come into play. However, 5G makes it possible to perform attacks related to direct internet connection and internet sites such as DDoS much faster and more comprehensively. DDoS attacks, which increased in the early 2000s but decreased with the security measures taken over time, are expected to reach to a different level in 2021 through 5G.

As Digital Currencies Gain Importance, Digital Attacks Will Increase

Digital currencies, also known as cryptocurrencies; which have become one of the most important items of the agenda in recent years especially with Bitcoin, will continue to rise next year. Sectors that have slowed down or stopped due to the pandemic, increasing unemployment, and the radical decisions of countries regarding monetary policies as a result of these, decrease the value of local currencies while making digital currencies increasingly popular. And all these developments make digital wallets one of the first targets of cyberattackers. Therefore, in 2021, attacks on digital wallets as well as digital currencies will be discussed more.

The Storm of Digital Transformation in 2020 Will Evolve to Cyber Security Developments in 2021

Some of the companies that had to quickly and unexpectedly go digital in 2020 will start working from office next year, while others will continue to work from home. Cyber security measures are of great importance in both cases. The vulnerabilities that may arise due to location changes will increase the risk rate in terms of cyber security, while those who work consistently from home will cause the existing security threats to continue. In this period, a sensitive process will be experienced in terms of data security; therefore the critical data should be protected with Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, and authorized accounts accessing digital assets should be controlled. With Kron, one of the leading cyber security company involved in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for PAM report, you can benefit from comprehensive cyber security services such as Single Connect and safely survive in the digital world for the years to come.

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