Single Monitor Performance Manager

Monitor and collect all performance and inventory data for all discovered physical & virtual devices and resources on available platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, VMware and network.

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Broad Monitoring & Control Capabilities

Performance Manager provides broad performance monitoring features to enable detailed analyzing and predictions depending on trends.

Broad Monitoring & Control Capabilities
Performance Monitoring and Prediction

Keeping track of the performance data of resources is very important. This data which can be collected through various types of protocols such as SNMP, WMI, VMware API, Rest API, CLI and JDBC will help you to predict possible component failures and congestions before they effect end- users. Moreover, you can customize monitoring processes and create your own policies which will help you to manage your environment by Single Monitor’s user-friendly interfaces.

System Health Monitoring

Maintaining continuous uptime is an absolute must regardless of your business category. You can possibly bleed money in case of an outage on your system. Single Monitor perpetually collects data from your devices and their environment so to inform you about their status. With user friendly interfaces and highly capable collectors Single Monitor will help you to sustain your systems efficiently.

Virtual Server Monitoring

Virtualization Manager is the process of monitoring server's resources like CPU, memory consumption, I/O disk rates, network status and disk utilization. Single Monitor’s virtualization manager features will help you to plan your cloud server capacities, understand your system consumptions so that you can provide a high-quality customer experience

Port Status Monitoring

Single monitor can track port status of your important services that are running on specific ports. You can also reach historical status of your ports so to analyze your service uptimes.

Process Monitoring

Most of the applications run as background processes without user interface so it’s hard to keep track. Therefore, being sure that these services are up and running continuously is a crucial monitoring for system admins. Single Monitor can tail and list of all processes and services on operating systems to notify you in case of failures.

Bandwidth and Interface Monitoring

With Single Monitor it is possible to keep a close eye on bandwidth usage within your network so that you never face unexpected network failures due to saturation. Single Monitor can track your interfaces, detect packet losses and delays. You can identify bottlenecks on your network and create your proactive approach which will avoid possible network outages.

Database Monitoring

Single Monitor provides effective database monitoring with extensive feature support. Display of query details, session details and database performance will help you maintain a high-performance Database. Data from each of these categories is analyzed in order to prevent, database outages or slowdowns.

Web Service Monitoring

In today’s information age, a smoothly operating web site provides definite competitive lead. A web site that fails to deliver its content, either in a timely manner or at all causes users to instantly lose interest. Ensuring that all the elements of a web site are functioning accurately is critical for maximizing a company’s web investments. Single Monitor can monitor essential data like availability, status code, response time and expected results and let you set alarms accordingly

Automated Topology Mapper

Single Monitor’s topology mapping offers you a process that can help you manage and maintain your network easily. Single Monitor topology mapper offers different views such as geographical, system room and network level. These views are important for companies that have different topological infrastructure. Single Monitor’s automated mapper features can highlight alarms and show port utilizations for you to troubleshoot your network from topological view.