Quality Assurance

Kron's Quality Assurance is the excellent distributed platform that enables scenario & modeling driven proactive network and services quality measurements.

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Single Platform for All

Quality Assurance supports various service quality monitoring on a unified platform and enables to monitor data access quality, HTTP, IPTV, DCHP, PPPoE NTP, DNS, VoIP, SNMP, POP3, FTP, SQL services.

Single Platform for All
Active Traffic Monitoring

Active traffic monitoring with distributed probe architecture allows to have an awareness of the service problems of customer in early states and decrease of MTTD and MTTR.


Kron's Quality Assurance enables service level agreement monitoring, measurement, and verification that helps you to maximize availability and optimize performance with avoiding SLA violations.

Supports to Make Profit

Supports you to profit by optimizing your network performance and improving customer experience.