Single Connect

Establish a flexible, centrally managed and layered defense security architecture against insider threats with the world's leading Privileged Access Management platform.

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Fastest to Deploy

As a fastest to deploy PAM platform available in the market, Single Connect increases security while maintaining organizational agility and eliminates password sharing and strengthens credentials.

Fastest to Deploy
Segregation of Duties & Least Privilege

Maximum security for the critical information of enterprises or government agecies with the functions including command or application-based restrictions, managerial approval, geo-location confirmation, time & date-based access.

Modular, Scalable, Agentless

Single Connect ensures agentless privileged access with ready to add modules for your future needs and supports tens of thousands of endpoints with a standard server.

Efficient, Secure & Cloud-Native

"Cloud-native and designed to support Software Defined Networks today and in the future, Single Connect prevents and detects breaches, maintains individual accountability and increases operational efficiency significantly."

How Turkcell Provides the Security of Privileged Accounts?

How Turkcell Provides the Security of Privileged Accounts?

Turkey’s leading communication and technology company Turkcell explains how they overcome and seamlessly manage the identity and access lifecycle of the users on the devices with Kron's Single Connect.

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