Single Connect

Establish a flexible, centrally managed and layered defense security architecture against insider threats with the world's leading Privileged Access Management platform.

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Wide Range of Products

Single Connect secures sensitive information of any organization with a wide range of ready-to-use products against internal and external cyber security threats.

Privileged Session Manager

Controls all privileged user processes and sessions on critical systems.

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Dynamic Password Controller

Eliminates account theft risks by managing system and admin passwords centrally.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Provides second layer of security to verify your identity to make fraud attempts ineffective.

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Unified Access Manager

Enables protocol-based security that unifies AAA (Authentication Authorization, Accounting) an Active Directory.

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Data Access Manager & Dynamic Data Masking

Minimizes the risk of data exposure and creates stronger, simpler and increased security layer at data access.

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Cloud PAM

Protects client organizations' assets whether their infrastructure is on-premise, cloud or hybrid, and supports Cloud IaaS platforms.

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Privileged Task Automation

Simplifies multivendor network management requirements by its vendor independent design, plug-in architecture and more.

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How Turkcell Provides the Security of Privileged Accounts?

Turkey’s leading communication and technology company Turkcell explains how they overcome and seamlessly manage the identity and access lifecycle of the users on the devices with Kron's Single Connect.

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