Single Monitor

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How Single Monitor Works?

Single Monitor is a high-performance network monitoring product which comes on its own collector appliances. Single Monitor offers easy and efficient collection of resource and resource utilization data from distributed locations or from a central location with its multi- vendor device support.

How Single Monitor Works?
Single Monitor Topology
Comprehensive Network Monitoring

When Single Monitor is installed on a network location it is capable of discovering devices in its neighborhood and start monitoring immediately. Performance manager monitors and collects all performance and inventory data for all discovered physical and virtual devices and resources on available platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, VMware and network. It also provides a personalized viewing experience with maps, topology, customizable reports and screens. Configuration Manager provides configuration, compatibility and change management for devices. It has a scheduled backup and version comparison features. It records the information such as who, what and when it is changed during the configuration process. Traffic Analyzer monitors and reports how much the device consumes bandwidth in the network. It also monitors the network traffic on an application basis and provides the necessary data for capacity planning and optimization.