Single Monitor

Discover, monitor and manage your infrastructure with Kron's award winning end-to-end monitoring platform.

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Innovative Features, Key Benefits

Kron's award-winning Single Monitor provides offers easy and efficient collection of resource and resource utilization data from distributed locations or from a central location with multi-vendor device support.

Innovative Features, Key Benefits
Discover Resources Automatically

Auto discovery is an essential service for every network management software. Single Monitor has an enhanced discovery process that offers various type of configuration options. Our discovery supports different protocol types, uses a set of configuration criteria that you can specify to determine which network entities to monitor.

Creating separate discovery configurations offers you more flexibility for customizing discovery process. For example, Single Monitor can detect the device type and set the monitors automatically. Also, it is possible to set a schedule for your discovery service to run with your specific configuration in custom time intervals for keeping your inventory up to date. This malleable discovery wizard will let you adjust and organize your assets with minimum effort.

Following protocols are supported by Single Monitor Auto-Discovery: SNMP v1/v2/v3, SSH, Telnet, WMI, ICMP, JDBC, SMIS-S, VMWare API, PowerShell API.

Monitor Network Performance Efficiency

Keeping track of the performance data of resources is very important. This data which can be collected through various types of protocols such as SNMP, WMI, VMware API, Rest API, CLI and JDBC will help you to predict possible component failures and congestions before they effect end- users. Moreover, you can customize monitoring processes and create your own policies which will help you to manage your environment by Single Monitor’s user-friendly interfaces. Go over Performance Manager to learn more about the broad monitoring & control capabilities.

Manage Configuration Standards and Compliancy Checks

Single Monitor’s Config Manager provides you an automated network configuration tool to obtain a standardized config and detect out-of-process changes or violations. It is possible to set and create alarm policies for detecting mismatched lines or texts on configuration files. Furthermore, creating rules and rule groups offer a user-friendly and easy manageable experience to system admins. Check out Configuration Manager to save your time with it's proficient infrastructure.

Analyze Network Traffic

Single Monitor's Traffic Analyzer ensures monitoring the network traffic on an application basis and provides the necessary data for capacity planning and optimization. NetFlow is a feature that was introduced on Cisco routers that records network traffic on an interface. This protocol used for collecting and recording all IP Traffic in a device that is NetFlow enabled. Single Monitor analyzes this data and organizes it for effective intelligence that allows your IT administrators or network engineers to further inspection. Single Monitor utilizes NetFlow’s traffic, interface, application, protocol, source and destination and conversation tracking features with its own approach. Look into the Traffic Analyzer to govern network traffic on your infrastructure efficiently.