Single Monitor

Discover, monitor and manage your infrastructure with Kron's award winning end-to-end network and IT infrastructure monitoring platform.

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Wide Range of Products

Single Monitor unifies most of the features required by an enterprise or a telecom service provider for performance, configuration and change management, live traffic analysis, alarm and event management over its network and IT infrastructure.

Wide Range of Products

Auto Discovery

Auto discovery is an essential service for every network management software. Single Monitor has an enhanced discovery process that offers various type of configuration options. Our discovery supports different protocol types, uses a set of configuration criteria that you can specify to determine which network entities to monitor. Creating separate discovery configurations offers you more flexibility for customizing discovery process. For example, Single Monitor can detect the device type and set the monitors automatically. Also, it is possible to set a schedule for your discovery service to run with your specific configuration in custom time intervals for keeping your inventory up to date. This malleable discovery wizard will let you adjust and organize your assets with minimum effort.

Performance Manager

Provides performance monitoring and prediction, system health monitoring, virtual server monitoring and more exclusice features.

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Configuration Manager

Enables central config change management, configuration change tracing, definition of configuration standards and more.

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Traffic Analyzer

Analyzes real-time network traffic and organizes it for effective intelligence that allows your IT administrators or network engineers to further inspection

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