Single Monitor Traffic Analyzer

Monitor, optimize and report bandwidth consumption of the devices in the network efficiently with Single Monitor's Traffic Analyzer.

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In-Depth Network Traffic Analysis

Single Monitor analyzes real-time network traffic data and organizes it for effective intelligence that allows your IT administrators or network engineers to further inspection. Single Monitor utilizes NetFlow’s traffic, interface, application, protocol, source and destination and conversation tracking features with its own approach.

In-Depth Network Traffic Analysis
Wide range of Protocol Support

Single Monitor's Traffic Analyzer enables traffic flow data collection analysis with Netflow v5, v9, sFlow, IPFIX.

Volume, Speed, Utilization and Packets Monitoring

Some metrics such as volume, speed and utilization are crucial for understanding network performance. Single Monitor aims to bring this information as clear as possible so that your IT department can work efficiently. Also, Single Monitors customizable graphic engine provides tools that can calculate baselines, historical information, filtering and zoom in/out support. If data is not analyzed and represented accurately it doesn’t mean a lot.

Analysis of Data Flow Per Application

On network analysis keeping track of how much bandwidth is required for specific application is a must. With these data it’s possible to analyze which applications produce the most traffic, keep track of specific applications and detect unwanted connections. Single Monitor offers a monitoring environment for these purposes in a user-friendly setting.

Conversation and Grouping View

Networks can get extremely complex when number of devices increases therefore monitoring the traffic across these devices becomes harder. With Single Monitors grouping feature it is much easier to track linked devices and their interfaces. Furthermore, it’s available to analyze the data flow between IP addresses in a conversation view.