Two-Factor Authentication

Enhance your data access security with Single Connect's Two-Factor Authentication.

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Secure & Reliable Authentication

Secure & Reliable Authentication Single Connect Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) combines two different authentication factors to complete the login process and to achieve a greater level of security.

Secure & Reliable Authentication
Stolen Passwords Are No Longer Threats

Two-factor authentication enables to strengthen the protection of vital resources by drastically reducing the chances of various security attacks including identity theft, phishing, online fraud and more. Even if an employee’s account is compromised, it is still not possible to access the enterprise’s critical assets/resources, unless the employee’s mobile phone (or email account) is stolen as well.

2FA Manager provides another level of security, even if the password is weak or non-expiry.

Stop Password Sharing

Password sharing becomes irrelevant because any passwords shared with colleagues are useless by leveraging the Single Connect 2FA solution.

2FA protection for External Applications

Single Connect 2FA Manager also enables two-factor authentication for external apps. Provides standard-based integration with RADIUS and REST API interfaces with external applications (VPNs, firewalls, email servers and others).

Geo-Fence and Time Restrict Security

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enables geo-location and time restrictions for more secure access.